Blue Butterfly is a creature (insect) found in various locations of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

To see how the Blue Butterfly may be used in Alchemy, see Blue Butterfly Wings.


Blue Butterflies are so-called because of the blue coloring in their wings. Since there are similar insects with blue wings, the Blue Butterfly is distinguished by the darker coloring along the top edge of the wing and its black body. Catching one yields two Blue Butterfly Wings, which are useful as Alchemy ingredients.


Blue Butterflies may be found in temperate areas of Skyrim. A good place to look is the tundra around Whiterun, in daylight, during fair weather. In particular the area from Chillfurrow Farm east to the river will often spawn 6 or 9 or more butterflies. Note that most spawn points spawn a random combination of Blue Butterflies and Monarch Butterflies. Butterflies most commonly spawn in groups of three, although the road from Helgen to Riverwood and down toward Whiterun has several single-spawn points. Unlike plants Butterflies will respawn fairly quickly if the player moves away after collecting them. These locations are the same areas where Torchbugs and Luna Moths may be found in the early nighttime hours. Several such places are near the Honningbrew Meadery or Whitewatch Tower. The butterflies are also frequently found in clearings and groves.


  • Butterflies often land on harvestable plants, though sometimes the butterfly may appear to be sitting a foot or so in the air when it lands.
  • If hit with a spell or weapon, the butterfly falls apart into two butterfly wings.