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Blue Oasis Dragon Frog

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TESOnlineIcon Blue Oasis Dragon Frog
Blue Oasis Dragon Frog
Basic Info
Default name Topaz
Base species Frog
Price 700 Crowns Icon
Acquisition Crown Store
Date Added May 19, 2016
Date Removed August 1, 2016
Main article: Pets (Online)
"The comical Blue Oasis Dragon Frog is native to Hew's Bane, and before they were bred as pets and widely exported, they could be found only on that Hammerfell peninsula. These little bug-eaters are popular mascots at open-air taverns, and can be trained to puff out small flames to light Bosmeri bug-smoke pipes."
―Crown Store Showcase[src]

The Blue Oasis Dragon Frog is a discontinued pet frog for The Elder Scrolls Online formerly available on the Crown Store.


  • Players who purchased this item prior to removal can still use it.


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