"To this day, an Arena combatant lives by Shinji's credo: "The best techniques are passed on by the survivors." To be the best, learn from the best."
―Blue Team Gladiator[src]

The Blue Team Gladiator is a Dunmer who is always present in the Arena Bloodworks, either practicing his archery or hand to hand skills.


When the Hero decide to join the Arena as a combatant, he will comment in different ways, depending on current rank, when talking to him.

He will give information on Gaiden Shinji, (shocked the Hero didn't know who he was), Owyn, (calling him the combatant's father), Ysabel, (calling her the combatant's mother), and the Arena, (calling it the combatant's home away from home.)

Whereas he is generally friendly, it all changes after the Hero beat The Gray Prince in the arena. (Even if they did The Gray Prince's quest). He will say to them that The Gray Prince was his friend and mentor, before bitterly saying, "Congratulations Grand Champion, hope it was worth it."