Boethia's Chosen are characters in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. There are ten of them, one of each race. They wear leveled clothing and use leveled weapons. They also have several potions in their possessions.

The Hero will encounter them during the Daedric Quest "Boethia."

Introduction Race Gender Level Class Ref ID/
Base ID
Beyond this gate is my Argonian challenger. She is a clever thing, and eager for your blood. Argonian Female Leveled Marauder Archer 000947AA
Boethia's Chosen
Here you face the swift and subtle Breton. Go through the gate, Chosen, and test your fate. Breton Male Leveled Bandit Wizard 00025604
Boethia's ChosenBreton
The Dark Elves are my favored people. But I am fair-minded... the outcome is in your hands. Dunmer Male Leveled Bandit Archer 00025605
Boethia's ChosenDunmer
Your High Elf opponent is cool and confident. Go! Let the contest begin. Altmer Female Leveled Necromancer 00025610
Boethia's ChosenAltmer
With his keen mind and eyes, the Imperial measures you. Give him what he seeks. Imperial Male Leveled Marauder Mage 00025611
Boethia's ChosenImperial
My Khajiit is quick and cunning! Go! Seek him out! See whose blood is quicker. Khajiit Male Leveled Bandit 00025643
Boethia's ChosenKhajiit
This Nord is an animal... a glorious beast. Watch her teeth... she bites! Nord Female Leveled Marauder 00025610
Boethia's ChosenNord
The gate is open. Go forth and greet my Chosen Orc. Orsimer Female Leveled Marauder 00025645
Boethia's ChosenOrsimer
Greet the war-hardened Redguard! Fight for my glory, Chosen One! Redguard Male Leveled Bandit Boss 00025655
Boethia's ChosenRedguard
Through the gate, my Wood Elf waits! Hurry, and do not disappoint me. Bosmer Male Leveled Bandit Archer 00025672
Boethia's ChosenBosmer