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Boethiah's Shrine

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Boethia's Shrine
Boethiah's Shrine
Boethia's Shrine MapLocation
Valus Mountains, east of Reed River
Offering: Daedra Heart
Req. Level: 20
For the Skyrim locations, see Sacellum of Boethiah and Shrine of Boethiah.

Boethiah's Shrine is a Daedric Shrine located high in the mountains south-southeast of Cheydinhal.


Head south of Vaermina's Shrine at Lake Poppad until parallel to the fork in the nearby river. At that point, head straight east into the Valus Mountains. The shrine is northeast of Fort Facian and northwest of Hame.


The shrine's priest Hackwen is attended by Tolvasa Sendas and Pajeen. They are unwelcoming of visitors and lament that their secret location has been found.

A few small patches of Clouded Funnel Cap mushrooms are the only alchemical resources nearby.



Boethia requires the Hero to prove their mettle in order to win his favor. The Hero has been told by one of Boethia's followers that in order to summon the Daedra, they must give a Daedra heart as an offering to the statue.

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