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"Started out with a single fishing pole and now I have an entire building and two boats to my name. Not bad for a middle-aged Nord, eh?"


Bolli is a Nord who lives in his house in Riften. He owns and runs the Riften Fishery.


He owns the fishery and has a charitable nature, giving away much of his wealth. During conversation, he reveals that he supplies Marise Aravel with fish for her stall in the marketplace. He owns a house in Riften and lives with Nivenor, his Bosmer wife. On the second floor of his house is a note regarding his marriage.


Caught Red HandedEdit

He has a Mark of Dibella given to him by Haelga in exchange for an "intimate favor." The Dragonborn may be asked to get it from him in order to help Svana Far-Shield embarrass her aunt.

Special DeliveryEdit

Bolli asks the Dragonborn to deliver his purchase agreement to Kleppr in Markarth.


  • "New in town, eh? Here for the fishing, I guess."
  • "There's nothing like fishing on Lake Honrich. You should try it some time."
  • "If you're hungry, Marise sells fresh fish, caught by yours truly."
  • "Remember to give at the Temple."
  • "Divines smile on you, friend." - after completing his quest
  • "Thanks again for the delivery to Markarth. What can I do for you?" - after completing his quest


Bolli "I have two more bushels for you, Marise. That should keep you well-stocked."
Marise "Sounds good. May I owe you for them?"
Bolli "Of course. Say, how are you going to sell all those fish before they spoil?"
Marise "You know I can't tell you that. As soon as I do, and you have a few meads in you, everyone will know."


  • If the Dragonborn's persuasion attempt fails when trying to obtain his mark of Dibella, he will argue that he has only ever slept with his wife, Drifa. However, Drifa is Bersi Honey-Hand's wife, while Bolli's actual wife is Nivenor. However, this is likely an oversight.
  • Bolli is not a very good liar; when the Dragonborn demands his Mark of Dibella, he protests that he is loyal to his wife, even though he has not actually been accused of cheating.


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