Bolug Idolus is an Orsimer outlaw in The Elder Scrolls Online. She has recently fled to a dungeon in order to escape arrest. Depending on the player's alliance, she can be found in the delve of the alliance's territory.

In the Aldmeri Dominion, she is found at Naril Nagaia in Greenshade, and has protection from the Veiled Heritance. In the Daggerfall Covenant, she is found at Orc's Finger Ruins in Rivenspire, and has protection from the Bitterhand Bandits. In the Ebonheart Pact, she is found at Chid-Moska Ruins in Shadowfen. If one has begun the game in Vvardenfell, she will be found in Pulk.


A Friend In NeedEdit

The deed and key to the house must be obtained from Bolug Idolus in order to own the related house. Afterwords, you can then choose to kill her or spare her life.