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"That Valga Vinicia is a gossip and a troublemaker."


Bolund is a Nord lumberjack found in Falkreath. He is in charge of the lumber mill and is the brother of Solaf, the owner of Gray Pine Goods in Falkreath.


Bolund has a hostile, taciturn nature, and is described by his older brother Solaf as someone who "ain't much for talking, especially with folk he don't know." Bolund displays an open dislike for outsiders, saying to non-Nord characters, "I can't believe we let provincials like you wander Skyrim."  If the Dragonborn is Argonian he will state: "Stay out of my way, boot." This behavior contrasts sharply with the attitude of his brother, who states that "Unlike my brother, I've no dislike of strangers. Met lots of 'em while I was a Stormcloak."


Upon first entering Falkreath, he is inside Gray Pine Goods. However, he usually is leaving as the Dragonborn walks in. He then can usually be found at the Falkreath lumber mill.


If the Dragonborn kills Bolund, it opens up a unique dialogue option with Solaf. This will lead to him either forgiving or attacking the Dragonborn.

Letter from BolundEdit

Under certain circumstances, the Dragonborn will receive a letter from a courier titled Letter from Bolund that reads "I know you killed her. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. In fact, I wanted to thank you. She will not be missed. --Bolund". A miscellaneous quest will appear asking that the letter be read.

Buying LumberEdit

With Hearthfire installed, the Dragonborn can buy lumber from Bolund for 200GoldIcon.


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