"I'll Kalikrak the Findoo. I will! You Teratet it!"

Bolwing quote

Bolwing is a Bosmer commoner and beggar who lives in Crucible.


The Fork of HorripilationEdit

On the Hero's quest for the Fork of Horripilation, Big Head, the Argonian, gives them a charm (a fork, of course) that allows them to speak to and understand Bolwing, who tells the Hero the location of the Fork of Horripilation.

The Lady of ParanoiaEdit

Bolwing can be interrogated about the conspiracy against Lady Syl, to which he says "Naryan that. I'll Balitoe before I Krayble!" Although Bolwing is not essential to this quest, his words suggest that he might have had something to do with it, though he may just be trying to tell the Hero that he would never conspire against Syl.


  • "I'll Kalicrak the Findoo! I will! You Terratet it!"
  • "Naryan that. I'll Balitoe before I Krayble!"
  • "Gal bursten it."
  • "Tell the Daen! Tell the Daen! Karn sky is Relfing."
  • "Rany Roo! Rany Roo!"
  • "I saw the Zaxer. And I magged it, too! Aw, fribble!"
  • "Just fribble it."


  • If one enjoys Bolwing's gibberish, the Hero can drop Big Head's Charm and Bolwing will return to his normal, nonsensical self when the Hero speaks to him, however the charm cannot be dropped until the quest is over.
  • One can understand him without Big-Head's charm once Mad God status is achieved.
  • If asking him about the Prophet after downloading Knights of the Nine, he will talk completely normally.
  • If Bolwing dies, his tombstone in New Sheoth Graveyard will say "I think his name was Bolwing".
  • When asking him about rumors while carrying Big-Head's charm, he will state that he tries not to trouble himself with the goings-on of the people.