For other uses, see Bone Break Fever.

Bone Break Fever is a disease that one can catch from fighting rats or Foul Fagus.



Bone Break Fever can be cured by:


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  • Sometimes catching the disease will make it impossible for one to sneak. Reloading the game from a previous save will fix it.
  • Occasionally the Hero may contract this disease even with disease immunities.
  •  360   If untreated for a few in-game days, one may start to "ragdoll" about the map/game as opposed to walking.
  • Rarely, even after the disease is cured, people may still comment that you look sickly.
  •  360   It only affects lower level players. Unsure if it happens at lower levels, but at level 81 the disease may have absolutely no negative effects.
  •  PS3   Occasionally, the disease reduces by 0 points (not level-dependent).