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— Keeper has me keep a book of thoughts. It is hard to write words with a stick! I will send this to my matron when I finish. She will be happy!

— Today I write about duties here. Catch the biter bugs and crunch them. My spine is sore from this all day work! One egg moved when I came near. Can the small ones hear us?

— I picked my egg-friend today. I can feel the small one say hello when I tap on it. Keeper says I am silly to think this. Ha! When the little one comes out, he will be surprised!

— I saw a stranger today. It was a pale Elf, but not one of the ash. It hissed at me like wamasu. I ran and hid in a bush. After, I felt bad. What if the pale Elf stole something?

— My egg-friend is missing from its nest. The pale Elf came back and stole, I know it! I will get back my egg-friend. The pale Elf will get many smacks!


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