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Books are items that can be discovered in The Elder Scrolls Online: Orsinium. Unlike previous games in The Elder Scrolls series, books do not take up inventory space and can be read at any time.

Books can be collected in various ways, such as from bookcases that are not lore specific, or books hidden in dungeons which yield skill line level-ups. Abilities in the Mages Guild skill line will advance when books specific to the guild are collected.



  1. Agra Crun
  2. Arakaul the Unbroken
  3. Armlet of Torug


  1. Baloth Bloodtusk


  1. Centurion's Signet
  2. Coldwind's Skull
  3. Confessions of a Reluctant Recruit


  1. Dwarf Light


  1. Eye of Zthenganaz


  1. Fanatic's Note
  2. Frostbreak Chalice


  1. Guthrag's Mask


  1. Hammer of Glass
  2. heart of Zanadunoz
  3. Horn of Beasts


  1. Ice-Heart's Journal
  2. Investigator Vale: The Curse of Mandrake Manor


  1. Kennel Tender's Letter


  1. Lakora of the Hunt
  2. Liquid Silver


  1. Mad Urkazbur's Ice-Effigy
  2. Map of Clans
  3. Mazghar Many-Tongues


  1. Note to Agolas
  2. Nuzava's Anvil


  1. Orcs and Their Tusks
  2. Orsinium Welcomes Heroes and Champions!


  1. Rites of the Abomination
  2. Rkindaleft's Council of Chiefs
  3. Rules of Nikolvara's Kennel


  1. Scepter of the Riekr King-Chief
  2. Strange Rituals of the Orsimer


  1. The Black Quill
  2. The Chronicles of King Kurog, Book I
  3. The Chronicles of King Kurog, Book II
  4. The Chronicles of King Kurog, Book III
  5. The Chronicles of King Kurog, Book IV
  6. The Chronicles of King Kurog, Book V
  7. The Chronicles of King Kurog, Book VI
  8. The First Charter
  9. The King's Orders
  10. Thukhozod's Bracer
  11. To Warlord Ice-Heart
  12. Torc of Baloth Bloodtusk
  13. Trinimac House Idol


  1. Uzdabikh's Helm


  1. Warning at the Falls
  2. Windwalker Tamahl

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