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Books are items that can be discovered in The Elder Scrolls Online: Orsinium. Unlike previous games in The Elder Scrolls series, books do not take up inventory space and can be read at any time.

Books can be collected in various ways, such as from bookcases that are not lore specific, or books hidden in dungeons which yield skill line level-ups. Abilities in the Mages Guild skill line will advance when books specific to the guild are collected.


Note—this includes both the Wrothgar Writings and Orsinium Archive collections.


  1. 101 Uses for Troll Fat (Wrothgar Writings)


  1. A Brother's Gifts (Wrothgar Writings)
  2. Agra Crun (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. All About Echatere
  4. Ancient Nord Tablet (Wrothgar Writings)
  5. A Plea for Help
  6. Application of Flame (Wrothgar Writings)
  7. Arakaul the Unbroken
  8. Artisan's Notes
  9. Armlet of Torug


  1. Baloth Bloodtusk
  2. Birds of Wrothgar (Wrothgar Writings)


  1. Catalog of Tomes and Manuscripts (Wrothgar Writings)
  2. Centurion's Signet (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. Coldwind's Skull (Wrothgar Writings)
  4. Confessions of a Reluctant Recruit
  5. Conversion Status (Wrothgar Writings)
  6. Curator's List of Sought-After Relics (Wrothgar Writings)


  1. Deep Thoughts of Chief Gloorot (Wrothgar Writings)
  2. Dwarf Light (Wrothgar Writings)


  1. Eye of Zthenganaz (Wrothgar Writings)


  1. Fanatic's Orders (Wrothgar Writings)
  2. Frostbreak Chalice (Wrothgar Writings)


  1. Gharakul's Journal
  2. [[[Gorlar's Journal, Part One]] (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. Gorlar's Journal, Part Two (Wrothgar Writings)
  4. Guide to Dirty Fighting
  5. Guthrag's Mask (Wrothgar Writings)


  1. Hags, Harpies and Hagravens
  2. Hammer of Glass (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. Heart of Zanadunoz (Wrothgar Writings)
  4. Honor's Rest Monument Stone
  5. Horn of Beasts (Wrothgar Writings)


  1. Ice-Heart's Journal
  2. Investigator Vale: The Curse of Mandrake Manor


  1. Kal-Eeto's Journal (Wrothgar Writings)
  2. Kennel Tender's Letter (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. King Joile's Orders to General Mercedene
  4. King Maxevian's Orders (Wrothgar Writings)
  5. Kireth's Notebook, Page 1(Wrothgar Writings)
  6. Kireth's Notebook, Page 5 (Wrothgar Writings)
  7. Kireth's Notebook, Page 11 (Wrothgar Writings)
  8. Kireth's Notebook, Page 17 (Wrothgar Writings)
  9. Kraala's Journal


  1. Lady Laurent's To Do List (Wrothgar Writings)
  2. Lakora of the Hunt
  3. Letter from a Prison Guard (Wrothgar Writings)
  4. Letter from Baron Materre (Wrothgar Writings)
  5. Letter from Thukhozod (Wrothgar Writings)
  6. Letter to Baloth Bloodtusk
  7. Letter to Hearth-Mother (Wrothgar Writings)
  8. Letter to King Maxevian (Wrothgar Writings)
  9. Letter to Mairrna (Wrothgar Writings)
  10. Letter to Purifier Cyrus (Wrothgar Writings)
  11. Liquid Silver (Wrothgar Writings)


  1. Mad Urkazbur's Ice-Effigy (Wrothgar Writings)
  2. Map of Clans (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. Mazghar Many-Tongues
  4. Morkuldin's Final Delivery


  1. Narsis Dren and the Lost Notebook (Wrothgar Writings)
  2. Neramo's Journal, Page 1 (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. Neramo's Journal, Page 2 (Wrothgar Writings)
  4. Neramo's Journal, Page 3 (Wrothgar Writings)
  5. No More Shipments From Sentinel (Wrothgar Writings)
  6. Note from Azhnura (Wrothgar Writings)
  7. Note to Captain Herisa (Wrothgar Writings)
  8. Note to Agolas
  9. Note to Graguz (Wrothgar Writings)
  10. Note to Sir Marq
  11. Notes on Orichalcum (Wrothgar Writings)
  12. Nuzava's Anvil


  1. Ode to a Horker
  2. Ode to a Watchtower
  3. Ode to my Jade Princess (Wrothgar Writings)
  4. Offer of Amnesty (Wrothgar Writings)
  5. Old Orc Sayings: Shields
  6. Old Snagara Breeding Guide (Wrothgar Writings)
  7. On Orcs and the Afterlife (Wrothgar Writings)
  8. Orcs and Their Tusks
  9. Orc Clans and Symbology (Wrothgar Writings)
  10. Other Things I Hate (Wrothgar Writings)
  11. Our Continued Labor (Wrothgar Writings)
  12. Orsinium Welcomes Heroes and Champions!


  1. Passenger's Log: Disaster at Sea (Wrothgar Writings)
  2. Path of the Faithful (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. Purifier's Journal (Wrothgar Writings)



  1. Riekrs of Wrothgar: Observations
  2. Rites of the Abomination (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. Rkindaleft's Council of Chiefs
  4. Ruined Watchmaster's Journal (Wrothgar Writings)
  5. Rules of Nikolvara's Kennel (Wrothgar Writings)


  1. Savage Sons War Chant
  2. Scepter of the Riekr King-Chief (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. Sharfum's Letter (Wrothgar Writings)
  4. Signal Tower Orders (Wrothgar Writings)
  5. Stibbon's To-Do List (Wrothgar Writings)
  6. Strange Rituals of the Orsimer


  1. The Battle of Orsinium (Wrothgar Writings)
  2. The Black Quill (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. The Bretons: Mongrels or Paragons?
  4. The Challenge at Bloody Knoll
  5. The Chronicles of King Kurog, Book I (Wrothgar Writings)
  6. The Chronicles of King Kurog, Book II (Wrothgar Writings)
  7. The Chronicles of King Kurog, Book III (Wrothgar Writings)
  8. The Chronicles of King Kurog, Book IV (Wrothgar Writings)
  9. The Chronicles of King Kurog, Book V (Wrothgar Writings)
  10. The Chronicles of King Kurog, Book VI (Wrothgar Writings)
  11. The First Charter (Wrothgar Writings)
  12. The Hidden Tunnels of Orsinium (Wrothgar Writings)
  13. The House of Orsimer Glories (Wrothgar Writings)
  14. The Ice Elder of the Ogres (Wrothgar Writings)
  15. The King's Riddle (Wrothgar Writings)
  16. The King's Orders (Wrothgar Writings)
  17. The Legend of Thukhozod (Wrothgar Writings)
  18. The Moon's Rhyme (Wrothgar Writings)
  19. The Scroll of Avalian (Wrothgar Writings)
  20. The Scroll of Usunok (Wrothgar Writings)
  21. The Scroll of Vaia (Wrothgar Writings)
  22. The Sport of Clans (Wrothgar Writings)
  23. The True Nature of Magnar (Wrothgar Writings)
  24. The Watchman's Pledge (Wrothgar Writings)
  25. The Whistle (Wrothgar Writings)
  26. The Wood Elf's Message (Wrothgar Writings)
  27. Things Stibbons Needs To Do
  28. Thukhozod's Bracer (Wrothgar Writings)
  29. Torug ag Krazak (Wrothgar Writings)
  30. Torug at the Summit, Complete Translation (Wrothgar Writings)
  31. Torc of Baloth Bloodtusk (Wrothgar Writings)
  32. To Warlord Ice-Heart (Wrothgar Writings)
  33. Trinimac House Idol (Wrothgar Writings)


  1. Unsent Letter from Qumih at-Tamina
  2. Ushenat's Notes (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. Uzdabikh's Helm (Wrothgar Writings)



  1. Warning at the Falls (Wrothgar Writings)
  2. Watcher's Report (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. Wet Wilds of Black Marsh
  4. Windwalker Tamahl
  5. Winterborn's Note



  1. Zayshara's First Note (Wrothgar Writings)
  2. Zayshara's Second Note (Wrothgar Writings)
  3. Zayshara's Third Note (Wrothgar Writings)

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