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The following list is of all the books, notes and journals found in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard:

Title Author Value GoldIcon Weight WeightIcon Location Found Overview Form ID
Book of Dwarven Lore Favoril 54 0 J'ffer's Books 27
Brother Kithral's Journal Brother Kithral [?] 0 On Brother Kithral's body in a Goblin Cave The last writings of Brother Kithral before he perished. 55
Elven Artifacts Unknown 40 N/A J'ffer's Books 35
The Firmament Ffoulke 36 0 J'ffer's Books A discussion of Nirn's constellations and what various cultures around Tamriel believe about them. 56
Flora of Hammerfell Unknown 15 0 J'ffer's Books A novel dealing with the various flora found around Hammerfell. 38
Iszara's Journal Iszara [?] [?] The last entry made by Iszara. 53 - Opened
57 - Locked
Keep Out Unknown [?] [?] Mages Guild
Dwarven Ruins
A note telling that no one is allowed into the area. 71
N'Gasta's Necromancy Book N'Gasta [?] [?] [?] A book dealing with Necromancy by N'Gasta. 61
No Trespassing Unknown [?] [?] Mages Guild A warning that only authorized personnel are allowed in. [?]
Redguards, Their Heroes and History Destri Melarg 20 [?] J'ffer's Books An excerpt of Redguards, Their History and Their Heroes. 37
Tobias' Letter Tobias 0 0 Tobias' letter to Cyrus. 18
Wanted: Cyrus Anonymous/Unknown [?] [?] Various Locations A wanted poster for Cyrus, for treason and murder. 84