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This list includes all books, letters and papers found in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles.


Title Author Overview Item ID
An Elytra's Life Karmelle 00069876
Bark and Sap Anonymous 00044407
Cindanwe's Notebook Cindanwe 000781CB
Fall of Vitharn Anonymous 0006987F
From Frog to Man Meekus Ralbrek 00069875
Grommok's Journal Grommok gro-Barak 0007F3E7
Guide to New Sheoth Brenith Aralyn 0006A7FE
Heretical Thoughts Anonymous 0006987E
Manual of Xedilian Unknown (possibly Sheogorath) 000181E1
Myths of Sheogorath Mymophonus 000552c9
Saints and Seducers Andoche Marie 0006A835
Sixteen Accords of Madness, Book VI Anonymous A tale of a duel between Sheogorath and Hircine. 0008DCCB
Sixteen Accords of Madness, Book IX Anonymous Sheogorath and Vaermina strike a bet. 0008DCCA
Sixteen Accords of Madness, Book XII Anonymous Malacath's dealings with Sheogorath. 0008DCC8
The Blessings of Sheogorath Anonymous 0006A800
The Liturgy of Affliction Transcribed by Anias Gael 00043F77
The Living Woods Anonymous 00069877
The Madness of Pelagius Tsathenes 00043f76
The Predecessors Yngvar the Wanderer 00043981
The Prophet Arden-Sul Anonymous 00043523
The Ravings of Fenroy Fenroy 00081F8D
The Shivering Apothecary Cinda Amatius 0006A801
The Shivering Bestiary Namlir Esprink 0006A808
The Standing Stones Anonymous 0006A83A
Wabbajack Unknown (possibly Pelagius Septim III) 00043f75
Zealotry Anonymous 0006987D


Title Author Overview Item ID
Amber Materials List Dumag gro-Bonk 0001F3C6
Death Decree Anonymous 00082597
Faded Note Anonymous 0008F7BB
Hirrus Clutumnus's Will Hirrus Clutumnus 000708BB
Hunger vs. Shambles Relmyna Verenim 00093F36
Letter to Sheogorath Relmyna Verenim 0008D2FE
Liturgy of the Duelists Anonymous 000813CC
Ma'zaddha's Crinkled Note Ma'zaddha 00019FB0
Madness Ore Materials List Cutter 0001F4C2
Mirili's List Mirili Ulven 000452E9
Project Hound's Blood Relmyna Verenim 0008DCB9
Project Limb Removal Relmyna Verenim 0008DCB7
Reptilian Appetite Conditioning Relmyna Verenim 00093F39
Unproductive Musings Relmyna Verenim 0008DCB8
Week-old blood Relmyna Verenim 00093F26

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