"Did you know that the Dark Elves make jelly out of scribs? You'd think bug jelly would taste awful, but spread it on bread and it's divine!"
―Borfree Dull-Blade[src]

Borfree Dull-Blade is a Nord found at the Exile's Barrow and outside Veloth Ancestral Tomb.


Ancestral AdversityEdit

Draugr DilemmaEdit


Are you exploring this old tomb? "Me? Go into tomb? No, no. That's what Narsis Dren does. He's the explorer. I'm just the hired help. I'm surprised he's not here yet. I could have sworn that old scroll said "Veloth Tomb," but I suppose it could have been "Dreloth."

There are two tombs? "Oh, there are lots of tombs. You can't swing a dead mammoth without hitting the resting place of some Dark Elf ancestor. Vvardenfell is overflowing with the things. Anyway, I guess I'll head over to the Dreloth Tomb and see if Narsis is there."