TESIII Fargoth

Fargoth, a Bosmer in Morrowind.

For other uses, see Bosmer.

The Bosmer or Wood Elves are the elven natives of Valenwood. Skilled in marksmanship and sneaking, Bosmer make adept thieves, assassins, and agents.

Character creationEdit

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Attributes Male Female
Agility 50 50
Endurance 30 30
Intelligence 40 40
Luck 40 40
Personality 40 40
Speed 50 50
Strength 30 30
Willpower 30 30

Skill bonusesEdit

Skill Modifier
Marksman +15
Sneak +10
Light Armor +10
Alchemy +5
Acrobatics +5



Preferred play styleEdit

Wood Elves have the best skill increase in the Marksman skill. This said, the preferred weapon for this race is the Bow. When an enemy is seen, begin with a sneak attack from afar and then strike your enemy with arrows or bolts as it charges. You'll have to build up your melee combat abilities for when the enemies get too close, however, so try to invest skill points in other weapons. Beast Tongue allows you to thwart attacks by animals in the wild, and Resist Common Disease will actively prevent you from contracting any debilitating illnesses on your journeys.

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