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For other uses, see Boss.

Bosses are the strongest enemies in dungeons and need to be killed in order to mark the dungeon as cleared. There are some dungeons however, cannot be cleared. Not all bosses are found in dungeons, sometimes they can be encountered in the wilderness or even in towns and cities.

Normal BossesEdit

Normal Bosses are bosses that can be found in several locations.

Name Location Level
Draugr Overlord Nordic Tombs Only at low levels
Draugr Wight Lord Nordic Tombs Only at low levels
Draugr Scourge Lord Nordic Tombs Only at low levels
Draugr Deathlord Nordic Tombs Only at high levels
Draugr Death Overlord Nordic Tombs Only at high levels
Dragon Priest Nordic Tombs Only at high levels
Bandit Chief Bandit Camps Leveled equipment
Master Vampire Vampire Lairs Level 1-53
Volkihar Master Vampire Vampire Lairs Level 53-65
Nightmaster Vampire Vampire Lairs Level 65+
Forsworn Briarheart The Reach Any level
Hagraven Witch Dens Any level
Reaver Lord Reaver Camps Any level
Master Necromancer Multiple dungeons Low levels
Arch-Necromancer Multiple dungeons High levels
Master Conjurer Multiple dungeons Low levels
Arch-Conjurer Multiple dungeons High levels
Master Pyromancer Multiple dungeons Low levels
Arch-Pyromancer Multiple dungeons High levels
Arch-Electromancer Multiple dungeons High levels
Falmer Shadowmaster Falmer Hives Any level without Dawnguard. Low levels with Dawnguard.
Falmer Warmonger Falmer Hives High levels with Dawnguard.
Spriggan Matron Spriggan Habitats Any level
Dragons All over Skyrim, including Dragon Lairs and random encounters Any level
Dwarven Centurions Multiple Dwemer Ruins Any level

Unique BossesEdit

Unique Bosses are the bosses who can only be found in one location.

Eastmarch- Jarl Ulfric (Stormcloaks)Edit

Name Location Notes
Krev the Skinner Gallows Rock Encountered during The Companions quest "The Silver Hand."
Fjola Mistwatch Encountered during the quest "Forgetting about Fjola." Has a possibility of becoming a passive boss.
Yngol's Shade Yngol Barrow Is always a significant level higher than the Dragonborn
Lu'ah Al-Skaven Ansilvund The main quest Lu'ah is encountered in is "A Love Beyond Death."
Linwe Uttering Hills Cave The cave can still be cleared prior to the quest "Summerset Shadows" by killing the unnamed bandit chief.
Butcher (Bandit Chief) Cragslane Cavern Encountered during the quest "Thane of the Rift."
  • Jarl Ulfric                          Windhelm                           You can only kill him if you had Chosen the Imperial 

​                                                                                           Legion's side.


Name Location Notes
Champion of Boethiah Knifepoint Ridge Knifepoint Ridge Cannot be marked as cleared if the quest "Boethiah's Calling" has been completed, it can only be cleared if the Bandit Chief that was the original boss of the dungeon was killed prior to the quest.
Ghunzul Cracked Tusk Keep Encountered during the Daedric quest "Pieces of the Past."
Halldir Halldir's Cairn Encountered during the quest "Find Rjorn's Drum" as part of the Bards College minor questline.
Rigel Strong-Arm Pinewatch Encountered during the Thieves Guild quest "Silver Lining."
Vighar Bloodlet Throne Vighar only appears if the quest "Dark Ancestor" has been started, the Bloodlet Throne can however be cleared prior to the quest if the unnamed Master Vampire was killed.


Name Location Notes
Ritual Master Wolfskull Cave Wolfskull cave will not be marked as cleared.

Encountered during the quest "The Man Who Cried Wolf."

Captain Hargar Broken Oar Grotto Encountered during the quest "Lights Out!."
Volsung Volskygge Dragon Priest.

Drops Volsung's Mask.

Northwatch Interrogator Northwatch Keep Encountered during the quest "Missing in Action."
Sebastian Lort Rimerock Burrow Rimerock Burrow will not be marked as cleared.

Encountered during the Daedric quest "A Daedra's Best Friend."

First Mate Dainty Sload Encountered during the Thieves Guild quest "The Dainty Sload."
Emperor Titus Mede II The Katariah Passive boss. Encountered during the Dark Brotherhood quest "Hail Sithis!."
Potema Potema's Catacombs Two phase boss. Encountered during the quest "The Wolf Queen Awakened."
Lord Harkon Castle Volkihar Final boss of "Dawnguard."


Name Location Notes
Olaf One-Eye Dead Men's Respite Encountered as a levelled Draugr in the quest "Tending the Flames."
Mikrul Gauldurson Folgunthur One of three bosses in the quest "Forbidden Legend."
Morokei Labyrinthian Dragon Priest.

Drops Morokei's Mask.

Movarth Piquine Movarth's Lair This location cannot be marked as cleared, even if Movarth was killed.

Encountered during the quest "Laid to Rest."

Sild the Warlock Rannveig's Fast Does not have a specific quest attached to him.
Skeletal Dragon Labyrinthian The first boss of Labyrinthian.

The PaleEdit

Name Location Notes
Curalmil Forsaken Cave Can be encountered in the quest "The White Phial" or when retrieving the Ring of Pure Mixtures.
Krosis Shearpoint Dragon Priest.

Drops Krosis' Mask.

Kvenel the Tongue Volunruud Encountered during the quest "Silenced Tongues."
Mercer Frey Irkngthand Even if Mercer is killed, it will not be marked as cleared.

Encountered as a boss during the Thieves' Guild quest "Blindsighted."

Pale Lady Frostmere Crypt Encountered during the quest "The Pale Lady."
Vokun High Gate Ruins Dragon Priest.

Drops Vokun's Mask.

The ReachEdit

Name Location Notes
Kornalus Harmugstahl Possibly encountered in 7 different quests.
Drascua Dead Crone Rock Encountered during the Daedric quest "Pieces of the Past."
Orchendor Bthardamz Encountered during the quest "The Only Cure."
Hevnoraak Valthume Dragon Priest.

Drops Hevnoraak's Mask.

Otar the Mad Ragnvald Dragon Priest.

Drops Otar's Mask.

Petra Blind Cliff Cave Does not have a specific quest attached to her.
Arch-Curate Vyrthur Darkfall Cave Encountered during the quest "Touching the Sky."
Red Eagle Rebel's Cairn Encountered during the quest "The Legend of Red Eagle."

The RiftEdit

Name Location Notes
Minorne Ruunvald Excavation Encountered during the Dawnguard quest "Bolstering the Ranks."
Silvia Darklight Tower Encountered during the quest "Repentance."
Sigdis Gauldurson Geirmund's Hall One of three bosses encountered during the quest "Forbidden Legend."
Telrav Nilheim Nilheim can still be cleared by killing the guards instead of Telrav.

Encountered during the quest "Telrav's Request."

Rahgot Forelhost Dragon Priest.

Drops Rahgot's Mask.

Venarus Vulpin Redwater Den Encountered during the quest "The Bloodstone Chalice."
Ebony Warrior Last Vigil From the Dragonborn DLC if installed. Encountered during the quest "The Ebony Warrior."


Name Location Notes
The Caller Fellglow Keep Even if The Caller was killed, Fellglow Keep will not be marked as cleared.

Encountered during the quest "Hitting the Books."

Drelas Drelas' Cottage Does not have a specific quest attached to him.
Hajvarr Iron-Hand White River Watch Does not have a specific quest attached to him.
Vals Veran Hillgrund's Tomb Encountered during the quest "Ancestral Worship."
Mirmulnir Western Watchtower Encountered during the quest "Dragon Rising. First dragon to fight, unlocks fights with all other dragons"
Odahviing Dragonsreach Encountered during the quest "The Fallen.
Alduin Throat of the World Encountered during the quest "Alduin's Bane. First fight with him.
Paarthurnax Throat of the World Can be killed during the quest "Paarthurnax" unless the player chooses not to kill him.


Name Location Notes
Warlord Gathrik Ironbind Barrow Reportedly the strongest Draugr in Skyrim, rivaling Dragon Priests.

Does not have a specific quest attached to him.

Jyrik Gauldurson Saarthal One of three bosses encountered during the quest "Forbidden Legend." Also part of the quest "Under Saarthal.
Kodlak's Wolf Spirit Ysgramor's Tomb Encountered during The Companions quest "Glory of the Dead."
Ancano College of Winterhold Encountered during The College of Winterhold questline "The Eye of Magnus."


Name Location Notes
Karstaag Castle Karstaag Fought in is throne room, requires "Karstaag's Skull" to be placed on his throne.
Vahlok the Jailor Vahlok's Tomb One of the dragon priests of Solstheim. Encountered in the quest "Lost Legacy."

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