"The Hag's Cure is here for all your discreet needs..."


Bothela is a Breton Reachwoman alchemist who lives in Markarth.


She is the proprietor of The Hag's Cure, where she sells potions and alchemical ingredients. Her store helper is Muiri. Bothela expresses regret at the situation of the Forsworn.



Bothela thinks that Markarth would be better off without the Silver-Bloods, as she says they send Yngvar to forcefully collect gold from her every few days.


If one asks her about the Forsworn, she will tell the Dragonborn that the only thing she knows about them is that they broke her heart. She will say that a great number of her friends and her kin were lost because they joined the Forsworn.


The Steward's PotionEdit

She asks the Dragonborn to deliver the Stallion's Potion to Raerek, the Jarl's Steward. Upon delivery Raerek will give a reward.


  • "I have potions for disease, love sickness, irritating children..."
  • "A little bit of old Reach magic can cure whatever ills you...."
  • "Oh yes... you'll need one of my special brews..."
  • "Not scared of an old woman now, are you?"


  • She has a unique variant of face paint, which cannot be put onto the Dragonborn's character.
  • If Muiri is married, Bothela will attend the wedding ceremony.
  • She does not sleep, meaning her shop cannot be robbed easily.
  • Odvan, in Cidhna Mine, is her grandson.
  • If the Dragonborn kills Odvan, she will send Hired Thugs after them.