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For other uses, see Bothiel.

Bothiel is a Bosmer mage and astronomer residing in the Arcane University, where she takes care of the Orrery. She can usually be found in the Arch-Mage's Lobby.


Necromancer's MoonEdit

After locating the Necromancer's Moon at the Mystic Archives, the Hero of Kvatch brings it to Raminus Polus, who is interested in the celestial phenomenon called 'Shade of the Revenant.' He directs the Hero to Bothiel, an expert astronomer. While Bothiel has not heard of the phenomenon, she recalls Falcar seeking her out, asking about the very same topic. Leaving in a flurry of anger, he dropped a scrawled page, which mentions the Shade and where to locate it.

Repairing the Orrery*Edit

Upon entering the game, the Hero will receive a Note from Bothiel of the Mages Guild detailing a list of Dwarven artifacts that need to be recovered from bandits.

*Must have purchased the Orrery official plug-in for this quest to be offered.


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