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Bound Dagger (Dragonborn)

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Bound Dagger
School Conjuration
Skill Level Novice
Magicka Cost 32
Effect Creates a magic dagger for 120 seconds. Sheathe it to dispel.
Duration 120 seconds
Tome ID xx01CE07
Spell ID xx01CE06
For other uses, see Bound Dagger.

Bound Dagger is a spell found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn.

Base damageEdit

This weapon has a base damage of 6 without any perks, and a base damage of 10 when the Conjuration level 20 perk, "Mystic Binding", has been applied.


This spell can be bought from Talvas Fathryon in Tel Mithryn.




  • Unlike the silent swings from regular daggers, attacks with bound dagger are "noisy", causing the striker to be spotted when sneaking if the dagger is swung, regardless if the attack hits or misses.
    •  PC   The Unofficial Dragonborn Patch (v1.0.3) fixes this.
  • If dual cast so that one bound dagger is in each hand, using a dual wield power attack will not use the normal dual dagger animation. Instead, the regular spinning dual power attack will take place.

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