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"Legend has it that the Bow of Shadows was forged by the Daedra Nocturnal. The legendary ranger, Raerlas Ghile, was granted the Bow for a secret mission that failed, and the Bow was lost."
Yagrum Bagarn[src]
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The Bow of Shadows is an enchanted bow found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The Bow of Shadows is a legendary artifact said to have been forged by the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. It was granted to a legendary Ranger, Raerlas Ghile, for a mission that he ultimately failed, but before he did, he took down scores of his enemies.[1] It is rumored that the Second Era Dunmer assassin Dram once wielded this weapon.[1][2]


The bow is reported to give the user the ability of Invisibility and increased Speed.[1]


In The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, this bow is in the possession of Goris the Maggot King, a Dunmer Necromancer living in Venim Ancestral Tomb, which is located slightly north of the Ashlander Zainab Camp.[3]

Related questsEdit

The Museum TREdit

The Bow of Shadows is one of the artifacts the Nerevarine may sell to Torasa Aram at the Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold. She offers them 21'000GoldIcon for the bow.