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Boziik-kod-strun (Dovahzul: BOZIiKKODSTRUN) is a dragon who survived the Dragon War, and was later used for the creation of the first Daedric Titan. He was researched by Denogorath "the Dread Archivist" by order of the "Greater Titan" Kkrohziz, who wanted the Library of Dusk to contain information on the origins of the Titans.[1]

Some time after the Dragon War, Boziikkodstrun, who was considered a "greater dragon," unsuccessfully attempted to fly out of the borders of Mundus. This attempt impinged upon the attention of the "Daedric Prince of Domination" Molag Bal, who, noted by the remarkable feat of will-force, offered Boziikkodstrun a place in Coldharbour. In his exhausted state, the dragon accepted the offer, and was bound in "chains of cold ebon iron" in the nethermost depths of the Tower of Lies. There, he was interrogated and tortured for the secret of the dominance the dov had achieved over mortals, but never uttered "a single syllable in his abrasive language." Vexed, Molag Bal took revenge on Boziikkodstrun by slowly consuming the flesh from his bones (presumably, while he lived) and promising that if he couldn't obtain the secrets of the dragons from Nirn, then he'd make even mightier "dragons of his own."[1]

The skeleton was taken to The Vile Laboratory, where it was infused with the blood-of-darkness that reawakened it as a Vestige. During the process, Bal ordered that the skeleton be somewhat adjusted and improved to a plan of his own devising, forming a bone-frame even mightier than that of dragons. It was then plunged into the deepest pool in the Azure Chasm in order to absorb the blue "liquescence" that would give it a new body, brain, and brawn. Within a "nanaeon," a mighty creature drew itself from the chasm plasm and shook itself free of the primordial slime. In response to the summons of Molag Bal, it ascended and bounded nimbly up The Endless Stair as the first of the Daedric Titans.[1]


  • Despite the emphasis the compiler of the account (Denogorath) puts on the supposed "honorable place" the dragon was offered, it is clear he was no more than a resource or, at best, a slave.