For the town, see Brackenleaf.
"Oh ho. The Briars you say? The Briars carry my heart within them. They protect it with their very lives. It's a lot to give to protect a tree, especially one as old as me."

Brackenleaf is a great sentient tree found in Grahtwood. The grove of Brackenleaf derives its name from him. The Brackenleaf's Briars protect him from any possible threats.


How Brackenleaf came to be is unknown, but what is known is that he is one of the great trees of Valenwood. The Briars have protected him from threats, including the Imperial Siege of Grahtwood in the First Era.[1]


Bosmer InsightEdit

The Spriggan Spirit will guide the Vestige to Brackenleaf. Brackenleaf will help them find their spiritual self by guiding them to embrace their chosen spirit animal.


  • "Good, good. I think you will find this forest is full of new things to discover. Never ate a frog and found yourself talking to a tree before, did you? Of course, not all things you discover here are safe."
  • "Hm? What? You'll have to speak up. My hearing isn't what it use to be, and it was never very good to begin with. No ears, you see."



  • Brackenleaf's voice was changed. Most likely because the original voice actor did not seem to "suit" him, as one would expect a deep voice for such a large being. The original voice can be heard in this Youtube clip.



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