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"Im good. I've got this hammer... to bash in some goblin skull!"
―Brag gro-Bharg[src]

Brag gro Bharg quote

Brag gro-Bharg is an Orsimer member of the Fighters Guild. He is stuck with his comrades Elidor, and Rienna in the Desolate Mine without any weapons. They can be saved in the quest The Desolate Mine.

Following the quest, if he doesn't die, he and his companions will travel around Cyrodiil, and can often be found outside town castles if the Hero is released from the prison or payed the fine.

He is a resident of the testing hall Hawkhaven.


The Desolate MineEdit

Burz gro-Khash has given the Hero a contract to deliver a weapons shipment to Fighters Guild members in the Desolate Mine northwest of Cheydinhal.


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  • After completing The Desolate Mine, if the Hero of Kvatch pays their bounty for a crime or gets released from the prison, Brag gro-Bharg, along with Rienna and Elidor will stand outside the jail, forever.
  • If a fine is paid or jail time is spent at a different jail, the three of them move and stand at the new location indefinitely.


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