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Braig is a Breton Reachman who is imprisoned in Cidhna Mine and a member of the Forsworn rebellion.


Braig was imprisoned in Cidhna Mine because he was caught speaking with Madanach. Braig's daughter, Aethra, begged the Jarl to take her instead. The Jarl's men decapitated Aethra in front of Braig, then sent him to the mine anyway. He reveals that his daughter would be 23 years old now.


No One Escapes Cidhna MineEdit

During the course of the quest "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine", Madanach will tell the Dragonborn to speak to Braig and learn his story, as he will with the other imprisoned Forsworn. Talking to him during this will reveal Braig's past and why he's here, as well as why he affiliates himself with Madanach because of his daughter.




  • Braig won't tell his story until Madanach instructs the Dragonborn to speak with Braig.
  • Braig comments that up until his imprisonment in the mines, he had only one conversation with Madanach and that was the extent of his crimes. However, upon freedom, he will utter the same line as every other Forsworn, implying that he might have been lying about his prior connections with Madanach.
  • When asked if his daughter's death justifies the murders committed by the Forsworn, Braig mispronounces Madanach's name, calling him "Manadanach".
  • During the conversation with Braig, the Dragonborn may reveal some of their own past, such as if they have any family, where their family lives, whether they cared for their family or not, or if they were a troublemaker when they were young.


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