"I could swing a pickaxe better than any man in the mines. Made thousands of coins. Now it's all gone."
―Bralsa Drel[src]

Bralsa Drel is a Dunmer miner found at the Earth Stone, outside Raven Rock.

When initially encountered, she is constantly working on the structure around the Earth Stone; she talks and acts like she has been indoctrinated, just like the other people around the stone.


Several years ago she was a very successful ebony miner, so much so that she was said to be wealthier than the Councillor Morvayn himself. However, when the ebony mines closed she knew no other trade and turned to drinking to drown her sorrows. She lost all her money and was reduced to a beggar.


  • "Don't pity me, and don't look at me like that. I know what I am."
  • "See you in the mines!"
  • "How are you supposed to live when your only means of trade is yanked from under you?"
  • "There's something you need?"


After being freed from her indoctrination during the quest "Cleansing the Stones", she will state "I lost my house, my family, my life... and then I lost my mind. How could it have gotten any worse?" and return to the Abandoned Building in Raven Rock with Rirns Llervu.

When spoken to she will state "Don't pity me. And don't look at me like that. I know what I am." When asking her why she should be pitied, she will lament about her current life and how she is no more than a beggar. She recounts her downfall from her once successful life and how it was all lost.

Feeding the AddictionEdit

She later explains that Geldis Sadri has banned her from drinking at the The Retching Netch and asks if the Dragonborn can somehow persuade him to let her back in. If she is allowed back she will be very thankful and reward the Dragonborn with a gift she once carried in happier times.

The Final DescentEdit

If the ebony mines have been reopened at the conclusion of the quest "The Final Descent" she finds a job working there and things will begin looking up for her as she mentions it "Couldn't be better. The sections that are being opened up have revealed some huge deposits of ebony. Old Crescius has a nose for exactly where to dig. If they only listened to him years ago, the town wouldn't have been in such dire straits. At this rate, I'll be able to put a roof over my head in a few months."

Reluctant StewardEdit

During the search of a new steward, Bralsa may be asked to take the job. She says that she might do it for some Skooma, but even if the Dragonborn has Skooma in his/her inventory, they are forced to reply that they have none.

Note: This is due to a bug that causes the game to check Bralsa's inventory rather than the Dragonborn's. By using pickpocket to place Skooma in to Bralsa's inventory, one can select the appropriate dialog option.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   While doing the quest Reluctant Steward, Bralsa asks if she would be given Skooma if she took the job; however, even if the Dragonborn has Skooma in their inventory, they are forced to reply saying they don't have any. This is due to a coding error where the game checks Bralsa's inventory for the Skooma rather than Dragonborn's. By reverse-pickpocketing Skooma onto Bralsa, you can select the dialog option stating you have Skooma to give.


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