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"In 1E 1033, the Empress Hestra demanded the head of the most infamous of the brigadiers, "Red" Bramman."
Imperial Geographic Society[src]

Bramman, also referred to as Red Bramman[1], was an Argonian pirate in the Imperial province of Black Marsh during the First Era.[1] His raids along the coast of Topal Bay eventually attracted the attention of Empress Hestra who ordered the Imperial Navy to hunt him down.[1]

Unable to capture him through battle in Topal Bay[1], the Imperial Navy followed Bramman down a river whose entrance had been disguised by thickets of mangroves near Soulrest.[1] The navy followed him deep into the heart of Black Marsh, cornering him and his bandits near what would become Blackrose.[1] Upon his capture, the Imperial Navy executed Bramman and brought his head to Empress Hestra.[1]



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