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TESIV Location Bravil 1
General information

Sometime in the First Era


Riot during Drug War



Location information

Nibenay Valley, Cyrodiil

  • Forests
  • River
Points of interest

Castle Brazil
Great Chapel of Mara
Lucky Old Lady


First Era through Fourth Era


Septim Empire
Mede Dynasty
Imperial Legion

Bravil is a city located in Southern Cyrodiil in along the Niben Bay and the Panther River. Bravil is one of the poorest cities in Cyrodiil. The buildings are built as shacks and stacked upon each other[1].

  • Bravil circa 3E 433
  • Bravil Insignia.


Bravil is built on a hill that's located on the Niben Bay and the Larsius River. There is only one entrance to the city that being in the northern end of the city. The city is divided three ways by a ravine that goes through the city. The northern side is where the guilds, chapel, residents, and a couple inns are located the southern side is where one inn and one home are located. The eastern side is where the castle is located. In the middle of the city is the Lucky Old Lady Statue is located.


First EraEdit

Prior to the town's construction, the Ayleids had lived in the area[2]. The Alessian Empire had attacked the Ayleids in the area. The army was lead by centurion Teo Bravillius Tasus who defeated the Ayleid enemy after realizing their expertise in Alteration magic. After his victory, the town was named after Tasus for his success.

Second EraEdit

Main article: Bravil (Online)

During the Alliance War, an Imperial war criminal named Captain Jena Apinia attacked countless people in Bravil and escaped to the Gold Coast with stolen items. The Eyes of the Queen tracked down Apinia in an Ayleid ruin known as Garlas Agea. With the help of the Vestige, Apinia was defeated in her hideout.

Third EraEdit

Main article: Bravil (Oblivion)

During the Oblivion Crisis, Bravil allied itself along with the other cities in Cyrodiil to fight the Daedric forces at the Siege of Bruma.

Fourth EraEdit

After the Oblivion Crisis, Bravil became an independent city-state. It waged war against Leyawiin who've also became an independent city-state. Both countries fought each other until Titus Mede I subdued both nations[3].

During 4E 188, Bravil erupts into violence as a result of a war between two of the city's largest Skooma traffickers. This resulted in the Lucky Old Lady statue being destroyed in the conflict[4].

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