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Bravil, Cyrodiil
Panoramic view of Bravil
TESIV Seal Bravil
TESIV Map Bravil
Location of Bravil in Cyrodiil
Full map of Bravil (click for larger)
Province Cyrodiil
Region Nibenay Valley
Leader Count Regulus Terentius
"Yes, yes, Count of Bravil. Are you a foreigner? Do yourself a favor. Learn the basics about the places you visit. There. Problem solved."
Count Regulus Terentius[src]

Bravil quote

Bravil is located in southern Cyrodiil on a small peninsula at the mouth of the Larsius River as it empties into Niben Bay. From the look of the buildings and its architecture, it appears that Bravil's populace is one of the less wealthy of Cyrodiil. It also might be high in crime rate, as there is a skooma den within the walls of the city.

Bravil is a city built quite oddly. To get from one end of the city to the other, the Hero has to cross two bridges. Also, the houses in the city are built on top of one another. The houses are generally one story, and much smaller than the houses in all other cities, except the Imperial City Waterfront.


TESIV Banner Bravil

Bravil's banner

It is known for being filthier than other cities and is home to some of the more seedy residents of Cyrodiil. There is more noticeable petty crime in Bravil, not limited to pickpockets and drunkards. There is also a good deal of Skooma for any buyer nearby. The guards don't seem to notice or don't care about the strange behavior and it seems that the Count lets the residents drink Skooma, albeit at their own risk.

Bravil's ruler, Count Regulus Terentius, who was once a famous tournament champion, is described as a drunkard and a "ne'er-do-well" and is looked down upon by the other city leaders in Cyrodiil.

Points of InterestEdit

Citizens of BravilEdit


TESIV Location Bravil 2

Quests which start in Bravil.




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  • If the Hero is high enough in Acrobatics, they can jump over the wall of the city (by going over the second flight of stairs, jumping onto the balcony (higher level) at the side of the Bravil Fighters Guild, onto the wooden beams on the shop and onto and over the wall. Doing this, there is little water, and the further they go from Bravil the less ground they will see, however they can still chart things on the in-game map, just not see them. As they approach any other city or building, they will disappear before the Hero gets near them. To get back to normal, all the Hero needs to do is fast travel to any location. This can also be done in Anvil, Cheydinhal, the Imperial City, and Bruma.



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