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"The Fighters Guild is good enough to encourage me in sharing the inner peace and spiritual harmony of the martial arts."

Bravil FG quote

The Bravil Fighters Guild is the Bravil chapter of the Fighters Guild. This guildhall houses the guild members Nahsi, Tadrose Helas, Vincent Galien, and a Fighters Guild Porter.

This guildhall has two main sections: ground floor and bedrooms. The ground floor is where all of the members stay during the daytime. The bedroom area has two floors with four bedrooms.

Bravil Fighters Guild is on the east side of the main island, between the bridge to Castle Bravil and The Fair Deal. The ground, second, third, and basement floors are divided into four sections of the Guild hall.


Ground floorEdit

Upon entering the building, a bookshelf to the left holds a copy of The Old Ways. Around the corner, a rack holds two iron dagger and one iron longsword. Nahsi, Tadrose Helas, Vincent Galien and a Fighters Guild Porter may be found in this main entrance.

Farther around to the left, past the stairs up to the 2nd Floor, a steel dagger sits on top of a desk. A chest below the Fighters Guild banner holds clutter, as does the one behind the desk. Another steel dagger sits on the bookshelf, and the cupboard next to it contains clothing. All of these containers respawn. Next to the stairs is a chest with up to three leveled pieces of equipment. The area to the right of the main entrance has a large round dining table with five chairs.

The chest behind the table contains only clutter, but the cupboard next to it contains beef, bread, a cheese wedge, and a carrot. Two cupboards sit back-to-back in the middle of the room; the one facing west holds dishes, and the one facing east holds clutter.

The locked display case in the southeastern corner showcases a Ceremonial glass cuirass and a similar set of gauntlets and a shield. On the rack here is an iron claymore and a warhammer. The two barrels in the east corner contain clutter and/or a repair hammer. The door next to these barrels leads to the Basement.

Second FloorEdit

The door from the first floor opens next to a set of stairs leading up to the 3rd Floor. At the foot of these stairs, three crates and two barrels each contain clutter and/or a repair hammer. The three tied sacks contain clutter, and the untied sack contains food.

To the right of the entrance is a long hallway with two doors on the left wall and one at the far end of the right wall. Opposite the last door is a small alcove with three crates and a chest, each containing clutter and/or a repair hammer, and two barrels that each contain food. The first door on the left in the hall reveals a small bedroom with a double bed available for Fighters Guild members. The table next to it is filled with food. The respawning cupboard next to the door contains clothing, and on top of it sits a nirnroot.

The second door on the left in the hall reveals another bedroom with a double bed. The chest of drawers next to it holds clutter, and a scroll of Absorb Strength sits on top.

Third FloorEdit

The Third Floor is a single large room with a double bed at the far end. Two sacks containing clutter sit on a bookshelf in the eastern corner, and a crate in the northern corner contains clutter and/or a repair hammer. The chest of drawers in the middle of the room contains clothing, as does the cupboard on the northwest wall. The cupboard in the west corner contains food,


The door to the basement reveals a set of stairs leading down. At the foot of the stairs, a cupboard contains clothing. Next to the stairs, two weapons racks hold three iron warhammers and two iron claymores. The barrel next to the weapons rack contains clutter and/or a repair hammer, and the sack on top of it contains clutter. The two crates in the south corner also contain clutter and/or a repair hammer, as do the two barrels on the southwest wall.

The cupboard in the east corner contains only clutter. Two tables sit side-by-side on the northeast wall; the one on the left holds two iron maces and an iron shortsword, and the one on the right holds two iron longswords and an iron dagger. A crate and a barrel between the pillars also hold clutter and/or a repair hammer, and the four sacks here also contain clutter.