Breaking the Siege of Kvatch is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. This quest must be completed to be able to go further in the main quest. The Hero learns they have to go into the Oblivion gate and shut it down in order to rescue Martin and the others.


Reaching KvatchEdit

At the base of the hill of Kvatch, speak to one of the survivors. The Hero learns that the few remaining guards are still fighting near the city gate. Head up the path to eventually reach three guards and their captain, Savlian Matius. He will say that Martin, the heir the Hero is looking for, is trapped inside the city, but he can't come out until the Oblivion Gate has been shut and the courtyard cleared of Daedra.

Oblivion GateEdit

Breaking The Siege of Kvatch Gate

Inside the gate

Enter the Kvatch Gate to a hellish world filled by lava. At this point, two or three Scamps (or other level-dependent creatures) will start attacking, but you will get some assistance from Ilend Vonius, one of the surviving guards, who went in before. He can be told to stay or leave the choice is entirely optional, at lower levels he will provide some help, but at higher levels (10+) he will die quite quickly.

Start out by following the path west. The objective will be the large tower in the middle. Along the way several more level-dependent monsters will be encountered. Watch out for the red Harrada plants and other small flora on the ground as these are capable of attacking and hurting the Hero or Ilend, if they chose to bring him.

Breaking The Siege of Kvatch Spike

Spike elevator

Once inside the tower, kill the monsters and head upstairs. In the room with a spike trap on left side of the wall, take the west door. This will bring them to a walkway that leads to a second tower. Once inside, move upstairs and kill the Dremora. They will see another survivor named Menien Goneld in a cage. He will explain how to shut the gate. He explains the the nearby Sigil Keeper has a key to open the door to the Sigilium Sanguis, in which the Sigil Stone resides that keeps the gate open. If the Sigil Stone is removed, then the gate will close.

Breaking The Siege of Kvatch SigilStone

Sigil Stone

Head back into the first tower and go through the door to left by using the key. Head up the ramp and enter the door guarded by the Dremora. From here on, it is simply a matter of fighting upwards through the Daedra and Scamps in the way. At the top of the tower, take the Sigil Stone to close the first Oblivion gate. Once done, the building will start to collapse, but the Hero will be safely teleported outside the now-ruined gate.


  1. When facing the door to the walkway, turn left to see a small ramp leading up to two boss level containers.
  2. After defeating the Dremora guarding the door continue heading North-East, follow the ramp down to another Dremora and a door to a walkway. Follow the walkway to the Meat Harbor tower, which has a few foes & containers.

Back at KvatchEdit

The Hero must go back to the Captain and speak to him. He will congratulate them and then ask them to enter the burned-out city on a rescue mission. There will be a few more Daedra in the square beyond the gates which the Hero and their companions must kill. Once all enemies are slain, enter the church where the captain will evacuate the survivors.

Next stepEdit

At this point, the Hero can speak to Martin Septim to continue with the main quest by taking Martin to Weynon Priory, or continue with the optional second part of "The Battle for Castle Kvatch" by speaking to the Captain.


Journal Entry
  • Update: After speaking to Savlian Matius:

Savlian [sic] Matius asked me to help close the Oblivion Gate outside the ruins of Kvatch. He sent some of his men into it, but they never came back. I should let him know when I'm ready to help.

  • Update: After agreeing to help Matius and his men:

I have agreed to help Savlian Matius of the Kvatch Town Guard and his men as they attempt to reach some survivors trapped in the Chapel of Akatosh inside the city. He is willing to lead his guardsmen back into the city to attempt a rescue, but the enemy have opened an Oblivion Gate across the entry to the city.

  • Update: After discovering that at least one survivor was taken into Oblivion:

At least one survivor of the assault on the Oblivion Gate has been taken to the large tower within Oblivion. I need to search for him there.

  • Update: After finding the survivor imprisoned and speaking with him:

I found the prisoner in Oblivion. He told me I need to reach the top of the largest tower and look for the Sigil Stone. But I will need the Sigil Keeper's key to gain entry into the Sigil Keep.

  • Update: After taking the Sigil Stone and closing your first Oblivion Gate:

I have closed the Gate by taking the Sigil Stone that anchors it within Oblivion. I should tell Savlian Matius that the way into Kvatch is now open.

Map Locations inside the GateEdit


Local map with locations marked.

  1. Entrance
  2. Ilend Vonius
  3. Closed War Gates, bodies of Kvatch troops.
  4. Blood Well Tower, has lever to war open gates at #3.
  5. Main Tower
  6. Reapers Sprawl
  7. Sump of Misery cave
  8. Desolate Well, can only be reached through the sump of misery.
  9. Meat Harbor (See detour #2 above)
  10. Sealed War Gate, Cannot be opened.


  • It is best attempted at a lower level (1–5) and should be one of the main priorities when starting a game. Though not impossible at higher levels, it is considerably harder as allies wear the same armor regardless of level, and the enemies are stronger and can easily kill the guards.
  • Scamp are a lot easier to face here than Spider Daedra and Daedroth, due to the Hero and their allies' vulnerability at certain stages of the quest.

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