Breakthrough icon (Legends)

Breakthrough is a Keyword in The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Excess damage dealt is dealt to the opponent.[1]

For example, if a creature you control with Breakthrough that had 5 power killed an enemy creature with 2 health, 3 damage would be dealt to the opponent, because 2 of that attack was absorbed by the enemy creature, and the remaining excess, 3 damage, went to the opponent.


Ageless Automaton (Legends)
Beligerent Giant (Legends)
Dwarven Ballista (Legends)
Dwarven Centurion (Legends)
Fearless Northlander (Legends)
Gloom Wraith (Legends)
Hive Warrior (Legends)
Improvised Weapon (Legends)
Mighty Ally (Legends)
Night Patrol
Night Predator
Night Shadow
Orc Clan Shaman (Legends)
Orcish Warhammer (Legends)
Rampaging Minotaur (Legends)
Reclusive Giant
Rift Thane (Legends)
Rihad Horseman (Legends)
Shornhelm Champion (Legends)
Skirmisher's Elixir (Legends)
Stampede Sentinel
Stampeding Mammoth
Tazkad the Packmaster (Legends)
Tyr (Card)
Vigilant Giant (Legends)
Wood Orc Headhunter (Legends)
Young Mammoth (Legends)

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