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Main article: Imperial Legion (Morrowind)

Breeding Netch is an Imperial Legion quest. It can be obtained from Radd Hard-Heart in Moonmoth Legion Fort.


"Eliminate a dangerous pair of breeding netches outside of Gnaar Mok."

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Radd Hard-Heart.
  2. Head to the Swamp around Gnaar Mok.
  3. Kill the Hostile Betty Netch and Bull netch.
  4. Return to Radd Hard-Heart.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The quest can be received from Radd Hard-Heart at Moonmoth Legion Fort or from taking the initiative after hearing townspeople talk about a pair of netch harassing Gnaar Mok.

Both Netch may be found together on an island just north of Gnaar Mok. There is a small bridge to the island. Both the Netch can be killed without even starting the quest.

Find the bull and a betty and kill them to complete the quest. When killed, the game gives the message "you killed a breeding netch." Return to Radd.

Journal entriesEdit

Journal Entry
Radd Hard-Heart told me that Giant Netch are threatening the village of Gnaar Mok. I must go there and kill the pair of breeding netch.
  • Quest accepted
Radd Hard-Heart thanked me for killing the breeding netch near Gnaar Mok.
  • Quest completed

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