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  • Glitch about buying house or something ?!

    3 messages
    • The only thing i can think off for Breezehome is the Stewards might only sell the houses during their working hours, Proventus for example wo...
    • wrote:So i joined the Stormcloak and tokk oer Whiterun, after that i won the civil war with Ulfric . And when i wanted to ...
  • Breeze home skip visit command?

    5 messages
    • you do setobjectivecompleted housepurchase 10 1 actually btw this is the same guy as this one ^ hope this helped (again) :)
    • They did said they tried that, unless the "holw" bit was part of the code they entered and not a typo of whole. The-Gothic-Creeper wrote:I...

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