Not to be confused with Brelda Quintella.
"When you come home from a well-earned victory, you're going to want something nice to look at. That's where I come in."
―Brelda Ofemalen[src]

Brelda Ofemalen is a Dunmer battlegrounds furnisher working at Battlegrounds Housing Goods within the Gladiator's Quarters of Vivec City.


  • "Can I help you with something? Some new furniture perhaps?"
  • "We don't handle delivery, but I'm sure a rugged individual such as yourself would have no problem transporting my wares."
  • "Not every battle can be won, but a well-furnished home to return to makes the loss a little less bitter. Why not take a look for yourself?"
  • "Even a grizzled warrior such as yourself deserves a nice home to return to."