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"I bring nothing but my skill with the blade, which is not inconsiderable, and my devotion to the Lord Auri-El."

Brellin (Knights of the Nine) quote

Brellin is a Bosmer crusader who arrives at the Priory of the Nine in the hope he may become a Knights of the Nine and serve Auri-El, also known as Akatosh. He states that he came from Silvenar, in Valenwood, and can offer nothing but his skill with the blade.

If he is accepted into the Knights, he will change into the standard Knight of the Nine Cuirass and ready for the attack on Umaril.

After the battle, he will return to the simple life at the Priory. When he isn't in the chapel praying, he can be found in the garden tending the crops, or in the back training.