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Brelyna's Practice
Brelyna quest
Quest Giver Brelyna Maryon
Location The College of Winterhold
Prerequisite Under Saarthal
Reward Brelyna becomes a follower and necklace of resist magic
Faction The College of Winterhold
Type Side Quest
Quest ID MGRAppBrelyna01
Brelyna's Practice is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
"We're all trying to become better mages right? Well I need somebody I can practice a few spells on."
―Brelyna Maryon


The Dunmer mage apprentice at The College of Winterhold, Brelyna Maryon, is on the verge of discovering some new magic. She asks the Dragonborn's help as a practice dummy. Completing this quest opens up Breylna as both a follower and potential spouse.


Speak to Brelyna Maryon and agree to let her test out her spells. If the Dragonborn asks her what's in it for them they will receive a Necklace of Resist Magic, however this will be rewarded later in the quest anyway.

Brelyna casts her first spell and the Dragonborn's vision gets a greenish hue. Brelyna apologizes, and tells them that the effects should wear off in a few hours.

Wait for 2–4 hours (around 10 minutes, as seen in the "Active Effects" in the Magic menu), then return to Brelyna. She assures the Dragonborn that she will get the spell right this time, and assures them this will be her last test. The camera then switches to third person so there is a better view of the humorous transformations into a number of animals found in Skyrim.

Finally, she succeeds in returning the Dragonborn to their original form, and abandons this line of study.

Speak to Brelyna and agree that this will never be mentioned again. If it wasn't received earlier, she will tell the Dragonborn that they are a good friend, and reward them with a Necklace of Resist Magic.

Journal entries

Journal Entry
  • Objective: Wait for Brelyna's spell to wear off
  • Objective: Speak to Brelyna
  • Quest complete



Brelynas Practice Spell
  • If Brelyna's casting path is obstructed by an object other than the player, he or she will be stuck permanently waiting for the effects to wear off.
    •  PC   Solution: enter setstage MGRappBrelyna01 30 in the gaming console to force the quest to the next stage, where the spell has worn off.
    •  PS3   360  This bug has been fixed. If the spell is obstructed there will be a 5-10 second wait, then Brelyna will continue trying to change the Dragonborn back, automatically changing the Dragonborn back to human. Though it does take a lot of the humor away from this quest.
    • If the player is invisible after the last phase of the quest (needed for the simulation of being transformed into an animal), this can be fixed by the console command: player.setactoralpha 100. This can also be fixed by using the Become Ethereal shout or the Philter of the Phantom potion.
  • If the player is currently under the effects of The Atronach Stone which gives the player the 50% absorb spells effect, it may cause her spells casted on you not to work, breaking the quest.
    • Solution: Remove "The Atronach Stone" by getting a different Standing Stone found throughout Skyrim prior to attempting the quest.
    • You are able to cast channeling spells like Sparks for an unlimited duration
    • Solution: Time lapses, like when you sleep, this will remove the bug.
    • This is caused by you receiving an active effect "Fortify Magicka: 100+ Magicka for 2 hours" Solution: Wait 2 actual hours (leave on start screen or something)
  • Sometimes when she cast the first spell nothing will happen and you will be stuck waiting for it to wear off (nothing happens when waited for 24 hours, slept, exited and reentered, or reloaded the last save)
  • The player may not change form during the second practice if the player's Alteration skill is too advanced.
    • (Occurred under the following conditions: Alteration 100, with the Perk Magic Resistance at (3/3). Might also simply be caused by a lower-end computer.)
  • Brelyna may miss while attempting to turn the Dragonborn back, thus causing them to stay as a particular animal.
  •  360  May be turned invisible and not be turned back no confirmed way of how to fix this.

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