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Breton - Character Creation - Legends

A Breton

For other uses, see Breton.
"The men and women of High Rock are known for their clever spellcraft, which often lets them avoid harm. As a Breton, you will more quickly collect cards that can deflect damage."
―Character Creation Screen[1]

Breton is a race that will appear in the free-to-play strategy card game The Elder Scrolls: Legends.[2]


Bretons have a focus on the Ward mechanic and gaining or losing wards.


This list is incomplete; help us expand it.

For more see Category:Legends: Bretons.

Breton Conjurer (Legends)
Camlorn Sentinel (Legends)
War Strategist (Legends)
Daggerfall Mage (Legends)
Expert Atromancer (Legends)
High King Emeric (Legends)
High Rock Summoner (Legends)
Northpoint Captain (Legends)
Northpoint Lieutenant (Legends)
Shornhelm Champion (Legends)




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