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"I wasn't born in Skyrim, but when I served in the Legion this land became my home."
―Brina Merilis[src]


Brina Merilis is a retired Nord Legionnaire and a resident of Dawnstar. She will become Jarl of the Pale if the Legion occupies Dawnstar.

Personality and traitsEdit

She is a stern woman who tolerates no foolishness from those under her command, a trait she shares with fellow Nord Legate Rikke. She does have a warm side that sometimes shows, but this is rarely seen due to the Civil War.[1] When it comes to the recent return of the dragons, Brina is able to see how serious the problem is, unlike Skald, who simply believes that the dragons will vanish once the Empire is driven out.


The Imperial LegionEdit

Brina did not come from Skyrim originally, but from Cyrodiil. She came to Skyrim with the Legion. Once she joined the legion, she was renowned throughout the Legion for her leadership and her tactical ability. She met her man-at-arms and friend, Horik Halfhand.


After she retired from the legion she ended up in Dawnstar with Horik. The Jarl, Skald the Elder, does not trust her because of her past and accuses her of espionage in favor of the Empire. However, most of the citizens of Dawnstar would rather go to her to get guidance than the Jarl and so she is one of the most prominent people in Dawnstar.


Hired MuscleEdit

Brina is a possible target needed to be intimidated by initiating a brawl.

Civil WarEdit

Reunification of SkyrimEdit

If the Dragonborn joins the side of the Empire in the Civil War, and takes Fort Dunstad in their favor, Skald the Elder will be exiled from The Pale and as a natural choice Brina will take his place.

Liberation of SkyrimEdit

If she becomes the Jarl during "Season Unending," and the Dragonborn later retakes The Pale for the Stormcloaks, she and Horik will be exiled to The Winking Skeever in Solitude.




Brina "Divines sakes, Skald, who do you think we're threatening with our old war wounds? We're not soldiers anymore."
Skald "Your man Horik is wearing his Legion armor. What am I to make of that?"
Brina "He's proud of his service, Skald. The Legion taught us loyalty, and we're loyal to Dawnstar."
Skald "This isn't over. I catch you sending one letter to General Tullius, I'll have you both executed."

A soldier's lifeEdit

Horik "Are you alright? You seem tired."
Brina "I'm fine, Horik. I just...are you worried about this war?"
Horik "No. If we must fight, we will, and you will lead us to victory. As you always have."
Brina "With you by my side, is that right, Horik?"
Horik "Of course. I would have it no other way."
Brina "So much for old soldiers settling down to a life of luxury, eh?"

Legion familyEdit

Brina "You never talk about yourself much, do you, Horik? I swear, these past 30 years you've been at my side and I think I barely know you."
Horik "What's to say? I was born on a farm, joined the Legion when I came of age, and I've served you ever since."
Brina "What about your family? There must have been someone waiting for you back at the farm. Wondering if you were ever coming home?"
Horik "No. Can't say that there was. My parents died when I was young. You and the Legion have been my only family since."
Brina "I see. You're a good soldier, Horik. I'm sorry for intruding."
Horik "You weren't. There's just not much to it."


  • "You come to Dawnstar at a bad time. Tempers are... fiery."
  • "Horik and I have lived here ever since I retired. He's a good soldier."


  • If the Dragonborn speaks to Frida, the town alchemist, she will say that she remembers Brina growing up, and was not at all surprised when she joined the Legion, but upon speaking to Brina, she says that she was not born in Skyrim. This may be a continuity error, or she was born outside the province and her family moved to Skyrim when she was very young.
  • She was voiced by Claudia Christan, who also voiced Aela the Huntress and Legate Rikke among others.[2]
  • If chosen as the Jarl of Dawnstar, she will not have a Steward, which means the deed to Heljarchen Hall is purchased directly from her.


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  •  PC   If Dawnstar is given to the Imperial Legion during "Season Unending," and then taken back by the Stormcloaks, she will still have the title of Jarl.
  • If the Dragonborn completes the Imperial Legion quest line before starting the "Hired Muscle" quest, they will not be able to complete it, due to a certain bug happening when Brina becomes Jarl in place of Skald the Elder.



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