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Brinewater Grotto is a cave located in the hold of Haafingar. This is a small cave along the northern coast of Skyrim, to the west of Solitude Lighthouse.


The cave is part of a much larger cave system, but the rest of the area is blocked off by a hidden stone door. This door can only be opened by going through the East Empire Company Warehouse.


Enter Brinewater Grotto from the beach. Inside is a small pond and three Horkers. They will become aggressive if approached too closely. There is nothing else of note in the grotto. The only way to get to the larger section of the cave is during the related quest.

​Notable itemsEdit

(On the Lighthouse side)

  • An unlocked chest outside in a niche to the right of the entrance.

(On the Trading Company side)

  • An easily-missed collection of potions, wine, and alto wine along the right wall scaffolding in the area with the first two enemies.
  • Several chests of varying difficulty in the area around Gulum-Ei.
  • An unlocked chest underwater (by the swimming bandit).
  • A Dibella Statue on a shelf.
  • A Markarth Guard's and a Solitude Guard's Shield, located on a shelf.
  • Slaughterfish eggs at regular intervals in the water.
  • Wrecked boat on far side of water after dog has barrel with Ingredients.
  • Boats by last guards before confrontation have chests.
  • An Imperial Helmet can be found on the shelf to the right of Lady Dibella's statue. It resembles hoplite helmet.(Near Gulum-Ei.)
  • A Dwarven sword, a steel-war axe, and an ancient Nord sword can be found in a box on shelves near Gulum-Ei.


There are several traps, both bear traps and tripwires.



  • On a shelf in the area where Gulum-Ei is found, there is an unusual white lily-like flower. This is very likely from the Dibella Statue. (There are 2 large Dibella statues in the preceding area and one has the flower missing.)
  • Scoundrel's Folly is not able to be advanced from this side. Go to the East Empire Company Warehouse side.
  • The loot/locked chests respawn.


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