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Brittleshin Pass is a cave located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is located southwest of Whiterun going through the mountains between Whiterun and Falkreath. It contains some traps and wards, and is inhabited by five skeletons and a leveled necromancer. It connects North Brittleshin Pass and South Brittleshin Pass.

This is one of the places that Aela the Huntress accompanies the Dragonborn to find the Totems of Hircine.

It is also a possible location for the Dawnguard quest Preemptive Strike and Rescue, as well as a possible location for a Rescue Mission for the Companions.


Notable itemsEdit


  • There are two chests with leveled loot and two iron ore veins here.
  • Sometimes, when walking through Whiterun Hold, a guard will say "Looking to do some hunting, eh? Be sure to stay away from Brittleshin Pass. It's southeast of here." You will then get an alert that your map has been updated.
  • Going through the pass is one of the shortest and fastest ways to get to Lake Ilinalta from Whiterun Hold.


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