For other uses, see Brodir Grove.

Brodir Grove is a famous landmark in Solstheim. It borders the Isinfier Plains and the Hirstaang Forest. It is a basic small clearing with four pillars of stone, each said to a fabled Nord warrior betrayed by their companion.

To the north of the Grove is the shack of Ulfgar the Unending. He was once a companion of the unfateful Nords, now cursed to be stones of the Brodir Grove; He ultimately slew the traitor, Grimkell, yet he was cursed himself. He is over 500 years old, and in his desire to find Sovngarde, he scoured the corners of empire and everything in between, but to no avail.


  • To the north is the dwelling of Ulfgar the Unending.
  • To the northeast, there is a valley that leads to the Tree Stone and the Fjell ice caves where the infamous thieves' loot of Solstheim is located.


  • There is a possibility that one may encounter a Wandering Lunatic (Nord, Barbarian, level 55) at this location. Beware, for at any given time between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. he turns into a Werewolf.