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Broken Steel Sword Handle

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Broken Steel Sword Handle
Broken steel sword hilt
4 WeightIcon
Base Value:
10 GoldIcon
Type: Miscellaneous Items
FormID: 000E7298

The Broken Steel Sword Handle is a miscellaneous item in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is a piece of a steel sword, along with the broken blade.


  • Found in Angarvunde, behind the staircase that comes up of the floor after opening the two doors. The item is in an open chest, along with a severed skeleton hand and a ring.
  • Found on the shrine in Ysgramor's Tomb.
  • Can be bought in Old Hroldan Inn from Skuli.
  • It may be taken from Lars Battle-Born and Braith's inventories in Whiterun and some other children, though only via console commands.

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