"Hail All - Brave City Bromjunaar
Forever These Walls Shall Stand
May Enemies See Her Majesty
May All Quake to Behold Her"
―Etched Tablet in Labyrinthian[src]

Bromjunaar (Dovahzul: BROMJUNAaR, "Northern Kingdom") was an ancient Nordic city located in the snowy mountainous regions of Hjaalmarch hold.

It once served as the capital of Skyrim in the Merethic Era, but in the years following the Dragon War the city fell into disrepair. By the First Era, it became known as Labyrinthian.[1]



Dragon Priest Concept Art

During the Merethic Era, the city started off as a grand temple dedicated to the worship of dragons. Under the lordship of Dragon Priests, the temple grew into the vast city that eventually became the capital of Skyrim at the height of the Dragon Cult's power. It was said that the highest ranking priests of the Dragon Cult met within the city to discuss matters of ruling and establishing laws.[1]

One particularly notable building within the city was known as Bromjunaar Sanctuary. It was here a mysterious mask named Konahrik was kept. Access to this mask would only be granted if the masks of the eight highest ranking priests were placed on their respective pedestals within the sanctuary.[2]

During the Dragon Wars, the city went through drastic changes as the ancient Nords rebelled against their Dragon overlords. The city was abandoned shortly after the war and the shrines and temples fell into ruins.[1] It was around this time the powerful priest Morokei was believed to be buried deep within the city.[2]

At some point in history, the ruins came under the jurisdiction of Jarl Gjalund of Whiterun and were used as source of lumber and stone.[3]

First EraEdit

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Sometime in the early First Era, the famed Arch-Mage Shalidor returned to Bromjunaar and purportedly built Labyrinthian deep within the ruins himself. This was to serve as a testing ground for potential arch mages to support his goal of enacting higher standards among mages.[1] Sometime after this the ruins became known as Labyrinthian.

Third EraEdit

In 3E 399, the Eternal Champion retrieved a shard of the Staff of Chaos inside Labyrinthian to use against the Imperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn.[4]

Fourth EraEdit

Labyrinthian HD Aerial
In the Fourth Era the city is but a distant memory. Trading caravans sometimes pass through the ruins of Labyrinthian, but usually prefer safer, longer routes due to the several frost trolls that eventually took residence.[5]

The Dragonborn can visit Labyrinthian to investigate the expedition that was lead by Savos Aren, former Arch-Mage, and to retrieve the Staff of Magnus. There, the Dragonborn encounters Morokei and his cult composed of Draugr, serving him beyond the grave.