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Bromjunaar Sanctuary

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Bromjunaar Sanctuary

Dragon Priest Shrine is a decayed shrine found within the ruins of Bromjunaar Sanctuary in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The decayed shrine is located inside the decrepit central barrow to the east of the entrance of Labyrinthian. Access is gained by simply entering the small barrow and following the path around.

Wooden Mask

A Wooden Mask can be found within the barrow near some skeletal remains and a mysterious note.

Wearing the Wooden Mask within the barrow sends its wearer back to a time before the destruction of Bromjunaar Sanctuary. The central focus of the sanctuary is the restored Dragon Priest Shrine.

The sanctuary is only accessible by wearing the Wooden Mask within the barrow.


Decayed shrine
The restored Dragon Priest Shrine displays the busts of eight Dragon Priests found throughout Skyrim.

Any Dragon Priests who had been defeated will drop the mask that they wore. These masks can be displayed on their respective bust on the shrine.

A bust is available for the following masks:

Once the eight masks are placed on their respective busts in the shrine, the final mask, Konahrik, is revealed. The other masks may be taken from the shrine once Konahrik is obtained.


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  •  PC   360   PS3  Upon retrieving a mask placed on the shrine, all smithing enhancements will be removed from the mask. This is likely because a new copy of the mask is added to the player's inventory upon retrieval.

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