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Main article: Unused NPCs (Skyrim)
"Steel. Barehanded. Armor. Naked. It's all fighting. I can kill you with a weapon or by myself. No difference."


Brond is an unused character residing in the Windhelm Pit, a location accessible only through the use of console commands.


Brond is among the fighters in the Windhelm Pit. According to him, he is a skilled fighter and has been fighting for a long time.


  • "I've been a lot of things in my life. Pit fighter's the one I'm best at."
  • "We should get a dragon for the Pit. I'd love to fight one."
  • "I've been fighting in the Pit for years. That should tell you something."
  • "There's two kinds of Pit fighters―good ones and dead ones."
  • "Ulfric once tried to get me to fight for him, but marching bores me."


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