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Bronze Water Cave

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Cave  Bronze Water Cave
TESV Bronze Water Cave
Bronze water map
Hold The Pale
Location West of Windhelm
Type Cave
Sublocations Exit from Irkngthand
Quests Blindsighted
Characters None
Enemies Animals = to PC Level
Location ID BronzeWaterCave

Bronze Water Cave is a cave located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The cave is the location the Dragonborn will exit at the end of the Thieves Guild quest, Blindsighted. The cave is a simple tunnel, serving only as an exit from the Dwarven ruin, Irkngthand. If the cave is entered before completing Blindsighted one may find a couple of Cave Bears or Frostbite Spiders residing in it. It is also possible to find a cave bear fighting a Troll within the cave when first entered. Also, the back wall, (which is utilized to enter the cave at the end of Blindsighted quest) will be inaccessible due to a cave-in filling the tunnel.

There is a note inside the torture chamber of Irkngthand that will explain how the torture victim's friend escaped through the tunnel leading into the cave, but that he doesn't know if he made it or not because there was a cave-in. This could be the "in-game" explanation for the rocks blocking the tunnel if the cave is entered before the quest.

There is a treasure chest that can be found in this area with some potions scattered about it.


  • South-west of Winterhold
  • Alternatively, exit Windhelm and head west, following the river until reaching its end which forms a lake.


Notable lootEdit

  • Treasure Chest behind the rock on the left if coming from Irkngthand


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