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Brood Cavern is a small, one-chamber cave with a small opening to the sky. The entrance is in a small stream that flows down the side of the mountain to the river below, above the fast travel point. The entrance is guarded by two or three bears. This stream is fed by two small waterfalls inside the cave. Inside, there are two chests with leveled loot, one corundum ore vein, one iron ore vein, a dead hunter, and a dead deer.

Depending on the Dragonborn's level, there could also be frostbite spiders, or trolls inside instead of bears. The cave has served as an excellent den for bears and can be a good place to collect bear pelts for Temba Wide-Arm. There are two more bears outside the cave and the body of a dead Khajiit below the entrance.


Notable itemsEdit

  • Two chests
    • One novice-locked chest hidden behind the waterfall to the right of the dead deer
    • One in the northeast end of the main room.
  • High level bow and arrows on the dead hunter in front of the latter chest.
  • The Black Arrow, Book II - Archery skill book on the dead hunter.
  • Three fly amanita
  • Ten hanging moss
  • One Stamina poison next to chest.
  • 1 iron vein
  • 1 corundum vein


  • Cave Bears
  • Trolls
  • Frostbite Spiders

Easter EggEdit

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (reference)Edit

  • The dead female hunter inside the cave has "golden" hair (in a Mohawk haircut).
  • If there are bears inside, there will be three.
  • According to the Creation Kit, the hunter's name is Urwa.


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