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Brooms are miscellaneous items found throughout Skyrim. The only use they have are in staff creation at the Atronach Forge.


Brooms can be used for staff creation at the Atronach Forge. They are more commonly used for decorations in houses and other places. Aside from those, there are no other uses.


Found in most cities, homes and other inhabited areas. It is a very common item, and can be found in the following places:

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Falkreath HoldEdit

  • Falkreath – Three known locations:
    • Falkreath Jail – In a bucket inside of the cell directly across from the exit.
    • Jarl's Longhouse – Two in total:
      • One is in the war room, in a bucket to the left of the table.
      • One is in the upper southeastern bedroom leaning up against a wall.
    • Dead Man's Drink – Outside the inn, to the left of the entrance.



  • Unknown

The PaleEdit

The ReachEdit

The RiftEdit

  • Riften
    • Bee and Barb – There are eight throughout the inn.
    • Elgrim's Elixirs – Three in total; two in the bedroom and one behind the counter.
    • Marise Aravel's House – There is a broom in a kettle near the door.
    • Honorhall Orphanage – Five in total:
      • A broom is propped up outside, against the orphanage.
      • Another is in the room with the dining table.
      • Three are in a basket in a small room at the western part of the building.
    • The Scorched Hammer – Two brooms in total:
      • One propped up next to the entrance.
      • The second in a kettle in the basement.
    • The Pawned Prawn – Five in total:
      • One in a bucket next to the entrance.
      • A second between two barrels at the top of the staircase.
      • Three in a basket at the bottom of the staircase, in the basement.
    • Black-Briar Meadery – Six in total:
      • One is behind the counter, next to the door.
      • One is at the end of a long hallway, next to some crates and barrels.
      • One is in a bucket at the bottom of the upper staircase, next to a table.
      • One is leaning against the rail above the cobbled area.
      • One is in a bucket next to a pile of chopped wood.
      • One is in a bucket next to some barrels.
    • Mistveil Keep – Three brooms can be found in total.
      • In a bucket in Wylandriah's room.
      • Mistveil Keep Barracks – Two brooms are here.
        • One is leaning up against a post next to a table.
        • The other is in a bucket at the other side of the room.
  • Merryfair Farm – There is one on the main floor and one in the basement.
  • Sarethi Farm – A broom is propped up against the wall, in the basement.
  • Black-Briar Lodge – Four brooms are here in total:
    • One is next to the northern staircase in the basement.
    • One is in a bucket in the basement, next to a table and a wardrobe.
    • One is in a room in the basement, next to the door.
    • One is in the southern part of the basement, next to Frost's Identity Papers.
    • One is in a bedroom on the top floor, leaning on some crates.
  • Fort DawnguardDG – Under the eastern staircase


Whiterun HoldEdit

Winterhold HoldEdit

  • Winterhold – Four known locations:
    • Jarl's Longhouse – Three in total:
      • A broom can be found in a bucket in the war room.
      • A second can be found leaning up against three barrels, outside the upper northwestern bedroom.
      • A third can be found inside said room, next to three sacks.
    • The Frozen Hearth – In a bucket in the cellar, next to Haran's bed.
    • Birna's Oddments – Leaning against a shelf to the left of the fireplace.
    • Kraldar's House – Somewhat easy to miss, next to a wardrobe.
  • There is also a broom resting against a table just before the Atronach Forge. This table also contains a ruby, two fire salts, and the Atronach Forge Manual.
  • Japhet's Folly – At the top of Japhet's Folly Towers, behind a large adorned chest.
  • Hob's Fall Cave – Inside of a cupboard in the sleeping quarters.


  • NPCs can be found using them in houses and stores, although, in most cases, they don't actually possess a broom. When bumped into, they will stop sweeping, walk to another location, and continue sweeping.