"Brother Nidal, good son. Welcome to the Temple of Arkay."
―Brother Nidal[src]

Brother Nidal is a Breton who works at the Temple of Arkay.


Brother Nidal was a secret ally of the Crowns before the capture of Stros M'kai. He helped take Prince A'Tor's body to the Temple of Arkay. Since then he kept the body preserved for future use and away from N'Gasta's soul snare. Soon some of the other priests went missing and he was left as the only one. He is also the only healer of the temple, and apologizes for the healing tax enforced by Amiel Richton.


Resurrecting Prince A'TorEdit

It is revealed that Nidal is an ally of the Crowns and has been keeping Prince A'Tor's body preserved.


Brother Nidal can heal Cyrus for a fee of 25 GoldIcon.