"The Blades are closely linked to the Order of Talos. We both serve Talos, of course, and many of our brothers are former Blades."
―Brother Piner[src]

Brother Piner quote

Brother Piner is an Imperial and a member of the Order of Talos. He can be found within the Weynon House along with, Eronor, Jauffre, and Prior Maborel.


Brother Piner is a member of the monastic Order of Talos found at Weynon Priory. He is also the author of the Letter to Mother (part of Brother Piner's Notes). When speaking to him and asking for assistance (after first speaking to Jauffre) he will give the Hero a copy of The Warp in the West, which increases the Block skill, and states that it was "one of the books I saved from my Blades training."[1]


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